Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Syntheyes to After Effects CS5.5 - Java Script Bug Fix

If you have problem with importing javascript from Syntheyes to After Effects CS5.5 with massage "Unable to execute script at line 6. TimecodeDisplayType in undefined" here is solution. As in CS5.5 API there are some changes you have to edit your script and replace line code:

mySynIProj.timecodeDisplayType = TimecodeDisplayType.FRAMES; to
mySynIProj.timeDisplayType = TimeDisplayType.FRAMES;

In abbreviation change old attribute timecodeDisplayType to TimeDisplayType.
That's all, and everything will work as well.

More scripting changes you can find at adobe code blog

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  1. pięć lat później a ty wciąż dla tepsy robisz...